Read this article before thinking of renting a TT Building condo.


Many people are looking for interesting condos for rent, today we will introduce one interesting condo for rent. Today I’m going to introduce the TT Building condo for rent. The TT Building condo is ideal for someone who is looking to rent a condo because it is a condo. TT Building is in a good location. In Bangkok and that is on Sukhumvit Road. It was found that this condo is located on Sukhumvit 81 Road.
As for the TT Building condo, if choosing to rent this condo, there will be many types of rooms for tenants to choose from. Whether it is a Studio type room, which is a room that is not very large, can accommodate the relaxation of the residents of the TT Building condo, where the Studio type room will be the room that is a large part of various projects There are also Deluxe Room Deluxe Double and Suite Double rooms for tenants to choose from.
For those who are interested in renting a condo, TT building as follows: Sukhumvit 81, Bang Chak Subdistrict, Phra Khanong District, Bangkok Bang Chak, Phra Khanong, Bangkok
Condo TT Building is suitable for people who do not have a car as it has access to many public transportation facilities. Condo TT Building is only 400 meters from the BTS Sukhumvit Line, On Nut Station. TT Building Condo is only 400 meters away from BTS SkyTrain, Sukhumvit Line, Bang Chak Station, only 1 kilometer, is considered attractive for condo renters who want to rely mainly on public transportation.
Condo TT Building is also suitable for condo rentals with families as well. There are many educational institutions near the TT Building condo, whether St. Michael’s International School Which is only 400 meters from the TT Building condo, Wells International School (Campus On Nut), only 400 meters from the TT Building condo, Naree Nimol School, 400 meters from the TT Building condo. School – Siam Sam Tri, which is far away. From TT Building Condo 400 meters School – St. Michael International Kindergarten 400 meters from TT Building Condo Panaya Kindergarten 700 meters from TT Building Condo Panaya School, 700 meters from TT Building Condo School Phakdi Wittaya, which is 700 meters from the TT Building condo, Bangkok Business Administration Technical School, 700 meters from the TT Building condo, Saenghiran School, 700 meters from the TT Building condo, is also close to Bangkok University, Khlong Toei.
As for eating for TT building condo tenants, don’t worry. There are many shopping sources such as department stores – Century The Movie Plaza, Sukhumvit Supermarket – Tops Market, Century On Nut branch, department stores – Tesco Lotus, Sukhumvit 50, department stores – Big C On Nut (Extra). On Nut Market, Bang Chak Market, Saeng Thip 1 Market, Phra Khanong Market, Rung Arun Market, Rung Arun Market
Sickness issues for TT building condo tenants don’t have to worry about TT building condos. There are many hospitals nearby, such as Kluaynamthai Hospital. Sukhumvit Hospital Hospital – Sukhumvit Theptarin Hospital
It can be seen that the TT building condo is a condo that is worth renting. As for the TT building condo for rent, there are facilities such as parking for residents with cars. Lift up and down between floors. have a good security system Access must have a key card. There is a swimming pool for recreation. There is a gym to exercise.