Groove Muse Ratchada 7 condo for rent


Hello, today we will take a look at Groove Muse Ratchada 7, an interesting condo project developed by Divine Development. Groove Muse Ratchada 7 is considered a condo in a good location by Congo Roof Muse Ratchada 7. Groove Muse Ratchada 7) will have a starting price of 2,190,000 baht, with a variety of rooms to choose from, with up to 7 types and rooms with high privacy due to the corridor in the form of a single corridor, Congo Roof Muse Rush. Da 7 (Groove Muse Ratchada 7) comes with many amenities.

Groove Muse Ratchada 7 has a very good location. Can connect to Soi Ratchada 7, located at Soi Ratchada 7, only 290 meters from the main road, Ratchadaphisek Road. For those who don’t have a private car, don’t be afraid because there is a shuttle bus to the subway station. Both Rama 9 Station and the Groove Muse Ratchada 7 Cultural Center are in very good locations. Close to many shopping malls, near work places, convenient to travel

Groove Muse Ratchada 7 is comfortable. Close to 7-11 convenience stores, only 60 meters. There is also a walking place like The Street Ratchada, only 150 meters away, close to Big C Ratchadaphisek, only 200 meters.

For those who like to walk in the mall, there will be Esplanade Ratchadaphisek, just 800 meters away, but for those who like to walk in the outdoor atmosphere, there will be Train Night Market Ratchada, 900 meters away, and there are many other malls near Groove Muse Ratchada 7. Both Fortune Town 1.6 km away Muang Thai Phat Market 2.3 km away Boonthavorn Ratchadaphisek 2.7 km away Central Rama 9 2.7 km away Singha Complex 3.3 km Suan Lum Night 3.8 km away Big C Extra Lat Phrao 4.8 km. Emquartier 5.6 km. Emporium 5.6 km. Union Mall 5.9 km. Central Lat Phrao 6 km. Terminal 21 6 km.

Groove Muse Ratchada 7, near many educational institutions, including Triam Udom Ratchada School, 1.5 km from the condo, The Regent’s International College (RIC), 3 km from the condo, Bangkok Twit School, 3 km from the condo, 3.5 km from Srinakharinwirot University. Saint Dominic School is 3.5 km from the condo, Srinakharinwirot University Demonstration School is 3.6 km from the condo. KIS International School is 3.7 km from the condo. University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce is 4.1 km from the condo. The Regent’s International School is 4.3 km from SISB International School. Pracha Uthit is 5.2 km from Wattana School, 5.3 km from LFIB International School 5.3 km from the condo School Thai-Japanese Association School is 5.5 km from the condo NIST International School 5.7 km from the condo

Sickness doesn’t have to be far away for Groove Muse Ratchada 7 because there are many hospitals nearby, including Rama 9 Hospital, 3.4 km from the condo, Bumrungrad Hospital is 4.6 km away.

Bangkok Hospital is 6 kilometers from the condo.

Groove Muse Ratchada 7 has the idea of ​​creating a condo by releasing the use of life to be happy and fun or LIBERATE AMUSED LIFE. Modernism has been developed. The condo design will focus on the design of the building. house window design There is a new design that is different from other condos. The window design is well designed with sun visors to prevent outsiders from seeing inside. This allows people living inside to use the window area without worrying about privacy. The Groove Muse Ratchada 7 design reflects the city. Night time in Ratchadaphisek area where the buildings are crowded all the time. unique It is designed not only for beauty, but also for airyness and airflow all the time.

Groove Muse Ratchada 7 condois developed by Rama 9 Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Devine Development Holdings Co., Ltd.

It is located at Soi Ratchada 7, Din Daeng Subdistrict, Din Daeng District, Bangkok.

The land area is approximately 1-0-32 rai.

For Groove Muse Ratchada 7 condois a low rise condo with a total of 8 floors, 1 building with a total of 201 rooms. Groove Muse Ratchada 7 condohas approximately 82 parking spaces, representing 42 percent. There is an automatic parking system. Total of 75 cars for normal parking, there are 7 cars.

There are 81 rooms in the 1 Bedroom type which range in size from 25.20 square meters to 25.85 square meters, with a starting price of 2.19 million baht. Another room type is 1 Bedroom Plus, which measures 30.41 square meters to 35.73 square meters, 108 rooms.

Starting price 2.79 million baht, type 2 bedrooms, size 42.20 square meters to 42.41 square meters, 12 rooms, starting price 4.32 million baht.

1 Bedroom, size 25.35 square meters, featured in that there is a connection to the bathroom with access to both ways for the kitchen. There is a sitting area next to the kitchen and living room. Can be connected to each other, making it feel spacious and comfortable as there are 4 sliding mirrors in total, with a well-separated dressing area.

This room is divided into a proportional use similar to a 1 Bedroom room, but will get more multipurpose room space. Entering the room, you will find a closed kitchen in the front. Connected to the bathroom that has 2 entrances, next to the kitchen will find a living area and a bedroom. Next in the middle is the living area. and inside is divided into a master bedroom and a multipurpose room with private balcony In which the bedroom will have a walk-in closet space, separated to be perfectly proportioned.

For 1 Bedroom Plus, size 31.90 square meters, there is an additional room from the 1 Bedroom, connecting the bathroom with access to both ways for the kitchen. There is a sitting area next to the kitchen and living room. and there is an additional multipurpose room