Groove Condo Ratchada-Ladprao review


Hello, today we will talk about Groove Condo Ratchada-Ladprao. Don’t get bored of condos in Lat Phrao area. Groove Condo Ratchada-Ladprao is a small condo. The number of rooms is small, therefore suitable for people who like privacy. Groove Condo Ratchada-Ladprao developed by Devine Development Group Co., Ltd.

Groove Condo Ratchada-Ladprao Located in a popular place that is Huai Khwang, located at Soi Lat Phrao 48 Intersection 6 Ladprao Road, is a Low Rise condo suitable for people who like a small number of neighbors with a total of 8 floors, 1 building with only 79 rooms and will be found in The top floor or the 8th floor has a total of 14 rooms in the parking area of ​​Groove Condo Ratchada-Ladprao. Will be able to park without stacking cars 37 percent, or about 29 cars, but if parked, cars will be parked 55 percent ever Groove Condo Ratchada-Ladprao
Groove Condo Ratchada-Ladprao There are many types of rooms to choose from. The first type has the largest number, which is the 1 Bedroom type, which has 55 rooms with a size of 23.5 square meters. The second type is 1 Bedroom plus, which has a total of 12 rooms with a size of 35.5 square meters. The 3rd type is 2 Bedrooms, which has a total number of rooms. 5 rooms, size 47 sq m. The last type is Loft type. This room is 24 sq m. There are 7 rooms.

Groove Condo Ratchada-Ladprao It is in the area where people live. There are houses, apartments, dormitories, communities, which is Lat Phrao 48 Intersection 6, which is between 2 main roads, Sutthisan Road and Lad Phrao Road. It can be said that it is a very lively alley. But still there is a quiet place to stay. The food in this alley is considered a lot. Can walk a short distance to find something to eat. There are many shops between the alleys, young people and office workers. because there are many offices around there Both in the reservation section, the head office of a famous insurance company in Thailand is around that area, near Central Ladprao, near Union Mall. or can’t You can take the subway and underground to go shopping elsewhere. The most convenient train station for this project is the yellow train station, Phawana Station, which is less than 1 kilometer away from the condo.
Groove Condo Ratchada-Ladprao There are both abundance in shopping areas, but there is still peace of residence due to the entry of the alley from the main alley, Soi Ladprao 48, to come again. from tall buildings and not very close to other buildings resulting in no loss of privacy

Groove Condo Ratchada-Ladprao With a land area of ​​260 square meters, built 8-storey condo with 79 rooms in total, with a central design to modernize the modern era, whether it is a game room, Theater Room, Sky Pool, Sky Lounge. There is also a co-working space room. Can reserve for activities. Library, meeting rooms will have up to 2 rooms. Can be reserved for meetings. Laundry room. which can both wash and dry clothes, can find other activities to do while waiting for washing

As for the Main Facilities floor, the project is placed on the top floor. to be able to see the highest angle view of the project And there’s more privacy as well. This floor will consist of Sky Lounge, Sky Pool and Panoramic Sky Fitness.
As for the Sky lounge, it’s a semi-outdoor style. There is a floor to prepare food, there is a table, a seating area, a sofa can see both the pool view and the view outside the building.
The swimming pool is 20 meters long, so you can exercise and swim. By the pool side, you can sit and talk.
The fitness room can be viewed from outside the building while exercising.
Parking can park 29 cars if not double parking. and can park 44 cars if double-parking, or 37 percent if not double-parking and 55 percent if double-parking. There is an additional parking system with the system. Automatic parking with hydraulics. In addition, the project’s bicycles can be borrowed for cycling. spin to buy Or spinning exercises as well
Entering and exiting the project must scan the pass every time for the safety of the people in the condo. part of the lobby There will already be a part of the reception hall.
The second floor will have both common and residential rooms. There is a small heavy factory There is a board game room, there is a laundry room. There are 11 rooms on the second floor. There are 1 Bedroom 1 Bedroom plus and 2 Bed room.
The central third floor houses a library, meeting rooms, and co-working spaces. The rooms include a 1 Bedroom, 1 Bedroom plus and 2 Bed room.
From the fourth floor to the sixth floor, there will be only residential rooms without a common area. There will be a total of 14 rooms on each floor, but there will be no 2 Bedroom rooms, only 1 Bedroom and 1 Bedroom plus.
The seventh floor is all rooms with a total of 7 Loft rooms and the rest are 1 Bedroom and 1 Bedroom Girls.
The eighth floor will be as follows: Sky Lounge, Sky Pool with Jacuzzi and Panoramic Sky Fitness. There is a Loft room on this floor.
Groove Condo Ratchada-Ladprao There is an extremely complete diet. There are many markets as follows: Phawana Fresh Market, Sap Chan Pan Fresh Market Indy Chokchai 4 Market Chokchai 4 Market Muang Thai Phat Market Chatsakorn Market also has a source of entertainment. Small shopping center or Community mall, whether it is The shelter, Major Ratchayothin, Avenue Ratchayothin, Lotus, Ladprao Space, Phahon 19, Union Mall, Lotus Wang Hin, Central Plaza, Ladprao, Wang Hin Square, Big C Extra, Ladprao 2 The Jas Wanghin Plaza Lagoon Boonthavorn Ratchada
It is also close to the school. Chandrakasem Rajabhat University st john’s university Attamit School Kasetsart University, Bang Khen, Horwang School Sarawittaya School Bang Bua School St.Stephen International School, Sripatum University Nawaminthrachinuthit Bodindecha School Satriwittaya 2 School for the hospital consists of Paolo Hospital Chokchai 4 Vibhavadi Hospital Paolo Kaset Hospital
Including many private and government sources, including Olympia Thai Tower, Muang Thai Phat Complex
Elephant Building SCB Park Plaza Rasa Tower Chatuchak District Office Tri Petch Co., Ltd. Isuzu Sales Headquarters I Tower
Shinawatra Building 3 Bank for Agriculture Headquarters Bang Khen The Bazaar Energy Complex Court of Justice Ratchadaphisek Royal Forest Department RS Group Building Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT) Pannipa Building

Condo information

Project highlight

  • reception hall
  • mail room
  • Ultra Hi-Speed ​​throughout the building
  • Library & Co-Working Space
  • Game Room
  • Theater Room
  • Salt swimming pool + Jacuzzi
  • fitness
  • Sky Lounge
  • leisure park
  • Bike Sharing
  • Laundry Lounge
  • Home Automation
  • Access Card Control
  • CCTV
  • Security guard 24 hours

Getting around

  • Chokchai Market 4
  • Phawana Market
  • Central Ladprao
  • Central Eastville
  • Union Mall
  • Big C
  • Tesco Lotus
  • home pro
  • Paolo Hospital Chokchai 4